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Counselling, or psychotherapy, is the process of working with a client(s) to make improvement(s). Richard Corradio explains that psychotherapy "helps patients understand themselves and their experience so that they can take control of their lives." While Jacqueline A. Sparks comments that counselling is "A relational engagement with clients to resolve their difficulties." The good news is that there are always answers; they just take time and effort to find and use them.


Sessions usually occur weekly until the chosen goal has been met, but this is a decision made by the client in consultation with the therapist. Reaching a goal can take any number of sessions, but 5 to 20 is typical.


The regular session rate is $100 (by cash, cheque, or credit card). If this fee is sincerely a burden, we can discuss sliding the scale to something acceptable to both parties. Counselling is a helping profession concerned with the good of others. Still there are good practical and therapeutic reasons to pay for the service. Missed appointments, not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, can be charged to a client's account.




From his university days, Wayne has been active in organizations serving marriage and the family, including being in leadership at the local, regional, and national levels - giving his insight into many aspects of the issues affecting these important institutions. His own experiences of marriage and family life have made him passionate in its service, resulting in staying well-informed. These traits can be seen in the office but also through education and advocacy. With background as a classroom teacher, he can deliver information with clarity and energy.


Groups presentations (series or stand alone; lecture, seminar, or workshop) are available on a variety of issues involving faith, family, marriage, and parenting. While some such have already been created and delivered, new ones can be developed by request. As with counselling, presentations can be done in person or by distance.

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