Counselling, or psychotherapy, is the process of working with a client(s) to make improvement(s). Richard Corradio explains that psychotherapy "helps patients understand themselves and their experience so that they can take control of their lives." While Jacqueline A. Sparks comments that counselling is "A relational engagement with clients to resolve their difficulties." The good news is that there are always answers; they just take time and effort to find and use them.


The regular session rate is $150 (by cash, cheque, or credit card). If this fee is sincerely a burden, we can discuss sliding the scale to something acceptable to both parties. Counselling is a helping profession concerned with the good of others. Still there are good practical and therapeutic reasons to pay for the service. Missed appointments, not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, can be charged to a client's account.


Once you feel comfortable enough with the practice and have decided to move forward, make contact to talk about booking. In this communication it will be helpful to understand what the presenting issue(s) or topic(s) will be.


LOCATION: Usually counselling takes place at the office (in Canyon Meadows) but there may be good reasons to be off-site. While generally less preferable, sessions can be conducted online if needed.


TIME: As a limited practice, counselling sessions are usually only booked in the late afternoon and evening of weekdays or Saturday mornings. Regular sessions are 60 minutes long.


It can make the time more productive to have a client form (intake document) completed and returned electronically or at least brought to the first session. It provides helpful information both to the client and to the therapist. We are in the process of updating it, so it is not available online yet - though you may request one be sent to you.


To access the in-home office privately, you may park on the northside of the property (in the deadend street there). Use the gate to enter the backyard and follow the walkway to go up the stairs and come through into the screened-in deck. The office is located through the patio door there.

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